Amerikansk Isabella

Så här i oistider kan man ju glädjas åt att det finns dom som kan segla, jag har kontakt med en Amerikan som har byggt en Isabella.

”Bo,  absolutely awesome day.  Very windy and gusty.  25-40kph winds and gusty.  Hit 55kph, then boom broke into 4 pieces, I had a bridal on it.  Would it be stronger sheeted to the end of the boom.  Need to change sheets, ran over port sheet and cut it in two.  Great sport…….



Hi Bo,

We have a lot of ice but have been waiting for snow to melt down and refreeze.  I am leaving right now to test it. I’ll send you more pics, good or bad lol.  Yes you can put pics on site.  I’ll let you know how it sails.  3 DN s sailing today with me.